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5 Tips To Differentiate Clone From Original Phones.

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The sales of clone and  sub-standard mobile phones and its accessories is becoming a lucrative business in Africa. Once a new smartphone is introduced, the clone manufacturers are ready to produce the look-alike thereby imitating the original.

Though, no amount of imitation will ever match the original in terms of performance and durability but performance and durability tests might not be feasible for the ordinary buyer at time of purchase.

The rate of poverty in the country have actually contributed, since they often priced within the reach of their pockets. Below, are the tips that will guide you to differentiate from a clone from original phone:


5 Tips To Differentiate Clone From Original Phones.

Let’s quickly look at the following tips:

1. Look:

Appearance , they said is the first letter of recommendation. The look of the device is enough to help you differentiate from the midst of plenty clones. The look of the clone are always different. You can easily notice the  dull colors, position of the buttons and battery, logo, quality difference in weight, screen size, quality control and an overall lack of quality, quality of printing work and addition of either missing or extra functions to the device.

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2. Price Difference:

The difference in price tags are virtually the reasons why some folks are negatively attracted to the clone device. The drop in price is the major determinant of the clone device. The price can also be used as a means of authentication as there will always a big gap between the original. If the price is too good to be true for the features accompanied the smartphone, then the one on offer at the low price cannot be an original. Though, some dealers will make sure you buy it even at higher  rate.

3. Compare The Specifications:

Luckily for us, official phone specifications are easy to find these days.  Following the steps below help you in no small way to get rid of clone device.

You can get them from the manufacturer’s website. When you get the official phone specs list. You need a third party app like CPU-Z to run down the actual hardware specifications of the phone.

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To get download CPU -Z click here

Download, install the application to give you the actual hardware details of the phone.

Clone producers will never cease to load it’s device with never existed hardware to make it sale and maximize the specs. To be on a safer path, common sense will always tell you that a device with an official memory storage of 16GB shouldn’t be compared with a clone with a 128GB. Please take note!

4. Check The IMEI Code:

Remember, every phone has a serial identification number called IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identification ) However, the Imei code can be used in the following ways:

  • It can used to identify the make and model of the device.
  • It can also be used in locking up phones against a given network carrier.
  • The Imei code number is also used to track and blacklisted stolen phone.

To check the authenticity of your mobile device, simply hit  *#06# into the dial pad of suspected device and the number will appear on your screen if it’s original.

Though, some Fake phone either do not have this code or have a fake one. If the number does not appear, then that phone is likely to be clone However, some fake phones have the Imei number but  you can use this tool. to check reality of the  phone’s IMEI number and any information about production, manufacturer and model.

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5. Warranty:

Nothing differentiate original phones from the clones more than the warrant that is attached to the original phones. There are some limited warranty offer from the original phones manufacturers that covers the phones for a limited time. A Registered manufacturers offer her customers with a warranty that will covers her if the phone malfunction within a specific duration.

It is important to keep the receipt for any  phone you purchase so that you can make a warranty claim if the phone is faulty. Having a warranty ticket, will assist you to fight the concern person in case you have bought a fake one. The warranty will be a proof that you can use in notifying the appropriate authorities if  you suspected any foul play.





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