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Reasons Why Your Xender App Is Not Connecting.

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Since the introduction of xender app, Bluetooth connections automatically becomes things of the old. Xender is the one of the most fastest app for sending files such as musics,videos and applications in a greater quantity. Xender does not require a data connection or a credit unit to enable it’s connection. It is totally free of charges. Xender app can smoothly support the exchanges of files ranging from 1 to 50 at a go depending on the size of the files on board.

There are thousands unknown reasons why your xender app refuses to connect with another device. Most of these reasons are either from the xender device your sending from or from the recipient.

However, there are a lots of difficulties associated with the popular app (xender). Most times you found out that the xender app your trying to connect with refuses to connect. Normally, for you to establish a xender connection, you need to either create connection or join the connection created from the other device. Sometimes, you tried in vain to connect or create connection because of one particular reasons or another.

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Do you have problem in creating or joining the xender connection already created? Do you need some help on how to establish a smooth xender connection? Worry no more because i’m going to walk you through some flexible steps to take when you have difficulties during your xender connection.

Possible Reasons Why Your Xender App Are Not Connecting.

Below are some of the reasons why most of your xender connections refuses to connect. Going down with the reasons will help you more with solutions on how to tackle and setup a better connection room for your xender app exchanges.

Mobile Data Connection Is On:

You will always have difficulties in your xender connection, if your device data connection is turn ON. To find out why your xender app are not connecting, check a data connections of the pairing devices. For a proper connection to be established during the exchanges of files via xender, turn OFF your data and try again.

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Remember, turning ON of both the mobile data and the device location, will affect and crumb down connectivity during the xender connection.

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Use Of Outdated Version:

Exchanging with outdated version of xender app is one of the reasons why your xender cannot establish a friendly connection. Lets say, one of the xender app in connection has expired or outdated. You will found out that you will experience some errors in connections. Having an expired or outdated version of xender app, you will receive a prompt warning message asking you to upgrade or cancel the connection. For you to have a hitch free xender connections, make sure your using the latest version of the xender app.

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QR Codes Are Wrongly Scanned:

The newer version of xender 3.0 has this feature to scan it’s QR codes before the connection will be fully made. Not really. QR codes are like barcodes; you can only read them if you are able to read the data encoded in the black areas. When the QR codes are not captured very well, you will find out that the xender connection will not be through.

To establish enabling environment for a quick connection, then you have to lift your device slightly above the QR code. Capturing the entire QR code  from the connecting device will quicken the xender connection. Your connection will fail as long as your camera captures wrongly. In the night connection, make sure your flash is turn ON  to enhance a lucid connection.

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