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Insufficient Phone Memory Issues Solved!

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Warning message surfaces when your smartphone has Insufficient Phone Memory and run out of space to put the data it needs to store when you’re running different applications. This can be either in the RAM modules in your phone, or also on the ROM when the free RAM has been filled up. A lots of smartphones crashed today as the result of some inability to manage the assigned memory space provided with the phone. It is also important for you to recognize the signs of Insufficiency in Phone Memory and act in advance to prevent the problem.

It is possible that one of your programs is not releasing the memory that has been using after its completion. This can cause your device to run slowly thereby infecting a dangerous effect to your phone.

How To solve Your Phone Insufficient Memory Issues.

 Check for Memory Lost

It is possible that one of your application is not releasing the memory that has been using after its completion. This can cause the device to run slowly. You can check for the file that is using the most memory by performing the following steps:

  • Simply go to your phone settings,
  • Click on the all applications.
  • Now, the installed programs of the phones will be displayed.
  • Choose on the program you want to do away with to release some space.
  • Click on the chosen program and hit the uninstall button and your good to go.
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Remember, performing the above steps will surely release some space to your phone’s storage and enhance the performance of your device.

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Change Your Default Storage To The SD Card.

One of the simplest steps to solve insufficient memory issues in smartphone is by changing your preferred storage from phone memory to SD card. Changing from the phone memory storage to SD card as default will trash down the insufficient memory issues and gives room for incoming files. Android users with Android Marshmallow and above can do this by formatting the SD card as internal storage. Then, the SD card will be seen as local storage on that device.

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In many cases system will determine which apps that make the most sense to move to the SD card.  It is always difficult to know between the true internal storage and SD card formatted for internal use. So there’s now a way to manually move individual apps over. You won’t be able to move the SD card between devices anymore, unless you erase and re-format it.

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 Always Clear Cache In Your Phone.

Clearing the cache is one of the strong measure to control and do away with insufficiency in phone storage memory. The phone system normally stores temporary files like images, videos and even text files for future references. Though, this is done to save both time and bandwidth when the app is launched.

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But over time, the app collects too much of cache resulting in the app slowing down and taking up space in the storage. So as part of regular device maintenance, do clean up the cache on frequent intervals. Doing that always will help you tremendously in solving the insufficiency in phone memory. To be on safer side, always check and clear your phone cache in order to give you room for additional storage.

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