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How To Spot A Fake Bank Alert From The Real One.

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You will not understand the importance of this course, until you wear the strong shoes of the victims. Everything that has advantages equally have disadvantages. A lots of people have died because of the fake bank alert as the ungodly ways people goes about defrauding peoples. Technology is good, but the one that will force people to commit suicide in the name of heart attack will be critically look into.

 Cashless policy generation! Yea, i don’t have problem with that but the way fraudsters are abusing the idea is so disheartening.

These days, customers walk into your office for a business that will propagate online financial transaction and you will end up receiving the fake alert. Recently, A lady was duped in the name of fake transfer. The transfer were made to her by some well dressed men who came in disguise to buy infinix hot6x smartphone. So it will be very difficult to beat those guys (fraudsters) if your not the careful type. Most of their pranks appears to be real at a glance but with a disastrous end.

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This article will softly guide you through in some of the best ways to differentiate from real bank alert to fake ones. All you need to do is to walk down with me as we go through the points.

Your Account Balance Will Not Be Credited:

One of the pranks used by the fraudster in defrauding people using the fake bank alert is that your usual bank balance will not be credited. To found out whether the alert you received is fake or real, you need to look closely to credit information.

The real bank alert will always show you your account balance after every financial transaction. Knowing the exact balance from your last transaction will always help you check with the acclaimed amount credit. When the amount credited to your account tallies with the previous then your on the right track.

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Checking The Email Source:

Watch this! Once you received the suspected bank alert, the first thing you should do is to check email source. The original alert from your financial institution cannot be found attached with any other email of whatsoever.

The email from the real bank alert (some banks) normally comes with the supposed official email address without changing of the signs from up to down. To get that straight, any suspected bank alert usually come with another email address at the end of the notification.

Check The Authenticity Of The Mobile App:

The best way to confirm the reality of your bank alert, is by checking the authenticity of the mobile app. Some of the app used in faking the bank alert are not official and it cannot be found in google play stores. Before you can rule any financial transaction, always check the source and the creator of the mobile app.

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