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How To Save Your YouTube Videos With Tube Mate.

Believe me, if you talk of major carrier of online videos and video skits, then you should be thinking  of  YouTube. YouTube is the most popular and one of the best online video streaming sites in the world with it’s millions subscribers on daily basis. Most of your favorite videos today can be found only on youtube, no wonder the YouTubers are making a lots of cash. You can watch the videos from youtube online but you cannot download the videos for your offline use.

Most often we need to have some offline copies of our favorite videos saved to help us when there is zero internet connection. However, It is difficult to download any videos from the YouTube website since there is no downloads options provided. But the good news now is that you can download your favorite videos from the YouTube website. There are so many ways you can achieved this, but i will recommend to you the best app for the job “TubeMate”.

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What is Tubemate? TubeMate is a very fast and friendly application with understanding Interface and downloading capability. The newest version of this application can supports video downloading from virtually all the video site. The later, will handle the offline videos downloads from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and several others.

The app is gradually taking a lead when it come to offline videos downloads. Personally, i recommends this handy app to any android user who enjoys streaming and downloading of offline videos. Listed below, are most simple ways you can download your online videos and turn them to your offline videos.

Steps on how to download your YouTube videos.

To download the YouTube videos and have it saved in your phone, here is what you need to do.

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For other sites like Facebook, Instagram and others, simply copy the link of the video from the site and paste it on the address bar of the TubeMate app that’s all.

Tip 1: Download TubeMate from or simply by type tubemate from a google to download the the super app.

Tip 2: Set allow installation of apps from unknown source option since the application is not an official google play store app.

Tip 3: Once installed. Open the Tubemate, the home page will display the mobile version of YouTube. Now type in your video search query or you can simply copy the link of your desired video and paste it on the address bar.

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Tip 4: Click on your desired video to download and proceed to the download button.

Tip 5: Having clicked on the download button, allow parsing of the video to complete

Tip 6: When the Parsing is complete, select your preferred video size. Remember, the larger size determine the quality of the video.

Tip 7: To ensure the download, confirm by checking on the notification panel of your device. Allow the downloads to finish and you will be able to view it on your video folder.

Tip 8: Now have just made a local copy of your favorite video, you can begin playing it on your device at any time. Congratulations!

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