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Few Reasons Why Some Bloggers Cannot Succeed.

Verily, blogging is gradually taking over the sphere of online business place. Many people rushed into blogging without the true definition of what it’s all about. Imagine a blogger with little or no knowledge of bloggers’s dos and don’t. Isn’t that funny? I mean, what is the faith of such person as a blogger? is he going to succeed as other successful bloggers out there?

Blogging is good that i should recommend to anyone who really want to succeed in it. Just like i normally told us, it’s a career with a heavy loads of rules and some bunch of policies. You may not succeed in your career as a blogger if you cannot keep to it’s rules and regulations. Some of the bloggers are extremely very good but with some unknown mistakes that pull them down and refusing them to succeed as a blogger.

There are some good steps to follow if you really want to succeed in blogging as your career. To queue up on the line of successful bloggers, there are things you need to do and do them well, while there are other things you need to avoid and avoid them entirely to be on the lists. We all know that, blogging requires a lot of work and it can be tough to keep up with all the tasks you set yourself, rather there are things you need to do to succeed in it.

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However, there are a lots of reasons why some bloggers cannot grow more than normal. Below tips are there to guide you with some of few reasons why some bloggers cannot succeed. To be on the right path, there are good things from the compiled lists below that will guide you through a successful career as a blogger.

Few Reasons Why Some Bloggers Cannot Succeed.

1. Low Creativity: As bloggers, you ought to be coming up with a new idea always. Creativity is one of the criteria to define a successful blogger. You can cannot succeed as a blogger if your creative ability is low. Remember, successful bloggers don’t just follow protocols, they create and phantom their own idea.

It is the creativity in some bloggers that makes them to succeed and grow above their counterpart. Let’s take for instance, a lots of passionless bloggers try to build traffic to their blog site using only blog commenting and Facebook as their strategy. To do well in the land of blogging, you will be able to create and come up with your own idea.

2. Passionless Bloggers: Bloggers of nowadays are just something else, a lots of our bloggers today blogs because they saw some passion bloggers doing well with it. Blogging is a career of passion, i bet you, you will not succeed as a blogger if your not passionately blogging. Passion is a motivator towards a successful blogging. If you don’t have passion in your work as blogger i advice you quit because you will not succeed as one.

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Choosing a niche your passionately with is the first step every bloggers has to adhere to as that will give you the motivation to go a long way in your sphere as blogger. To be sure about your blogger, then make sure you are blogging about what interest you the most. You cannot have passion for football and you will be blogging about religion. You can develop passion however for a particular niche, but in everything blog passionately.

3. Greed: A good blogger is the one who blogs without atom of greed in him. If your a type that blogs because of the greed and a quest for money, believe me your not going to succeed fast as a blogger. Many people (bloggers) are not successful today because of the greed and money that are in it. A greedy blogger is a lazy blogger that focuses more on the earning. A blogger who cares more of the money other than doing a expected work in blogging is a greedy blogger.

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4. Copy copy: It has been a very rampant issue among bloggers especially in Nigeria to copy an paste  content into their blogs. Some of our bloggers today cannot do without copying and pasting into their blog site. Do you know why some copy and paste bloggers cannot succeed in their career? the reasons are simple. A copy copy bloggers can only end up having already ranked pages in their blog thereby preventing them to go further in their career. Copy copy bloggers will not only be ranked by google but will also encouraged bloggers to laziness, and you know what that means? A lazy blogger is a no blogger.

5. Impatient: One of the reasons why our bloggers are not doing well is their lack of patient. i’m once a victim of this circumstance, i remember when i applied for google Ad-sense, the whole time was like a hell to me as i could not wait any longer for my account to be approved. I nearly gave up with the request as i’m loosing my patient on it everyday. Blogging is a career that requires a lots of patience, you will not succeed if you re not patiently blogging. For you to start doing well in blogging, you will have to be patient enough as blogging is not a bed of rose.


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