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Some Changed Names That Cannot Be Forgotten.

Despite the changes made to some names, organisations or institutions, there are some names that will always take it place. A lots of changed names today still bears the formal despite the official change of names, organisations and institutions etc. I will be making some of the changed names that still bear the formal available in this article. Most of the changed names refuses to go down as a results of the impact created in the life of people.

A lots of things can be responsible for a change of name, a company can come up with a change of name idea in order to help their products sales. A name change request can come about simply because a person or organization doesn’t like it or need something different.

Although some may consider it extreme to change their name to support a particular cause.  A name change request changes can be for a political reasons, what ever the case may be. I will be making out some lists of names that are still active after been changed to something else. The names whose formal have taken the places of the new and the hearts of the people.

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Five changed names that cannot be forgotten


On 18th July 2017. The Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), which previously traded as ‘Etisalat Nigeria was officially changed to 9Mobile. The telecommunication giant said the company will now be known as 9Mobile and made a point to emphasize that business will be going on as usual.

The change who has little or no effect to the company but probably in a bid to stabilize the company. However, It may take some decade in getting used to the new name (9Mobile) as the formal name (Etisalat) have always taken the front line.

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The company’s primary aim are to maintain, co-ordinate and regulate the epileptic system of electricity supply in Nigeria. It was formally electricity cooperation of Nigeria (ECN) to National electric power authority (NEPA) and now power holding company.

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The change of names which does not stop the primary objective of the cause but rather with a different meaning. From the cost of this post, we found out that PHCN simply means problems has change name. 

The series of changes however, does not stop the usual up Nepa exclamatory as thousands of people including me cannot do without the formal especially when the light is seize or restored. The formal name has taken over as people slightly knows about the change of name. It is possible that the distribution company are going to come up with another name tomorrow but whatever that may be, our usual up NEPA  have taken the sphere of the company.


Have you ever tried to figure out the similarities between  jamb and utme before?  If yes then this post is for you. The full meaning of JAMB means Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

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Now UTME which is Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. This time the board does not only conducts entrance exams for Nigerian universities undergraduates only but also for Polytechnics and colleges. JAMB have been the name and will always be, in any tertiary entrance examinations.

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Primary class:

Primary education is usually the first stage of formal education, coming after  nursery section and before secondary education. The ministry of education were recently introduced of basic classes in place of primary classes.

Primary class as it was fondly called is the elementary stage of formal education where the pupils were introduced with primary knowledge of education.  The change of primary to basics, however did not stop anything neither did it affect the class level of the pupils.

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